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Making dinner social again

The small-plate Tapas tradition has a rich cultural heritage. Consider China’s dim sum or the Greek meze, all of which feature small portions consumed socially. A number of small plates, each featuring its own flavor profile and shared among friends, is altogether more fun than the one-plate experience.

Or you can share any one of our tempting Paellas, the large order can feed anywhere from 4 - 6.

Not in the mood for sharing? Our Angus Beef Filet is delicious too!


Join us at Noir tonight – where dining’s an adventure!

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Our Story

A Taste of Europe!


At last – a restaurant where it’s okay to order one of everything.


For too long diners have been forced to choose between steak or seafood, soup or salad. No longer! Noir applauds the adventurous and gives patrons an opportunity to invite experimentation with small servings.


Whether you go with the Frittata and the Papas Bravas or the Fried Manchego Cheese, Prime Angus Filet and the Creme Brulee, you simply can’t lose. If you don’t like one dish, you’re sure to love the next. It’s an adventurous way to dine!